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I thought that it was important for me to discuss globalizations pluses and minuses with you because is so many propagation works against it. I often hear hyperbolic words to describe it, as "operation" and the rich countries using the poor countries, but it not absolutely that it means. Globalization is the concept of opening of the markets of the countries and allows to take part the world. There are even people who think that it as the country loses riches as he won't leave the country.

I hope that any person with a brain recognizes that in the market, you don't have riches of the nation is plundered simply opening of borders. There is not a person on this planet which accepts the terribly earned money and someone else allows to take it. It not how the market works. All a mutual exchange of the goods and services. If you buy the TV, from American retail which Chinese to make, it not loss for a society or for you. Though some to you to tell that the American worker owed the TV.
In the conditions of globalization, there is a world market for the trade companies the production and wider spectrum of possibilities for people to choose one of products of the different people.
Developing countries win from globalization much as there is a sound stream of money and, thus, decrease in currency a difference.
For satisfaction of growing requirements which globalizations follow, growth in industrial sector is observed. It gives loadings of variants of manufacturers.
Competition holds the prices rather low, and as result, inflation is less probable.
The basic attention is taken away and separately among all people. Any country remains one head the power, instead of There is separated a power. Decisions at higher level are intended for people as a whole.
Communication between the countries is on lifting that allows for the best understanding and wider vision.
As communications increases among two countries, there is an exchange of cultures. We learn more about other cultural preferences.
As we feed to each other financial requirements, ecological balance disruptions is also established. To the governments of the countries to show care about each other.
Globalization minuses
Globalization causes Europeans lose work as work of the enterprises is translated in the Asian countries. Labor cost in the Asian countries is low in comparison with other countries.
High rate of return for the companies, in Asia, has led to pressure upon the occupied Europeans which always are under the threat of the business which is on the party.
The companies, as opening of the colleagues in other countries. It leads to transfer quality of production in other countries, thereby increasing chances of amortization from the point of view of quality.
There are experts who consider that globalization is at the bottom for intrusion with infectious diseases and social degeneration in the countries.
Threat that to the companies will correct the world is on high as there is many money enclosed by them.
Often affirms that the poor countries are maintained richer countries where labor in the interests and a low salary are carried out.

I hope that when I represent globalizations pluses and minuses, you at least to see the matter from the objective point of view instead of seeing the matter, as operation or things such.

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