Помогите написать сочинение на английском моя комната!20 строк! зарание спс! надо к понедельнику!

1. In our family apartment I have my own room. It is quite spacious and made in a modern style. The atmosphere is pretty relaxing; because these are calming green tones which prevail in my room. I think that it is furnished plainly and tastefully.
There is a built-in wardrobe with a mirror and a sofa that can be simply made into a bed, where I used to sleep. My workplace is my comfortable whirling arm-chair and a desk with a table lamp. For sure there is essential part of a student’s life – a personal computer placed on this desk. My home library is well arranged on several bookcases. I like music very much, so I have a powerful stereo system along with a TV-set in my room.
Everything is put into its place. In my opinion, I have made my place very nice and it’s really cozy to live there.
My room is the smallest one but I like it very much. First of all because it is my own room and secondly because it is very cosy and light. I furnished it myself. There is a writing table at the window, where I would do my homework every day. To the left of the door there is wardrobe for my clothes and shoes. In the left-hand corner there is my bed with a bedside table at its head. Near the writing table there is a computer table with my computer on it. But the thing I really enjoy is a big mirror near my bed. There are actually some chairs in my room. The walls are pink and they match the colour of the curtains on the window. There is a thick carpet on the floor and I like to read books sitting on it. On the walls there are some posters of my favourite musicians, photos and water-colours. I like my room as it is but from time to time I change it round. Quite often I move the bed and the table and change some posters on the walls. Sometimes I like to stay alone in my room, especially when I’m in a bad mood. Generally I’m pleased with my room but I wish I had a small TV-set, because I’m tired of soap operas that my parents use to watch.
In conclusion I’d like to say that we try our best to make our flat cosy and comfortable. Frankly speaking Iwish our flat were a bit larger, but generally I like it as it is.

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