Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение на тему: как я провел лето на английском языке - лучшее сочинение

This summer was wonderful. I enjoyed it!
In June I have visited my grandparents who live in a village. I used to wake up early every day to go fishing. I also spent time with my friends on a lake where we were swimming and playing volleyball.
In July I had an opportunity to work. I was a promoter in one commercial campaign. I have earned a little money.
In August I went to the Black sea with my family and friends. The weather was wonderful. I got tanned and now I look pretty.
I also visited many friends whom I haven't seen for a long time.
All summer the weather was wonderful!
Now I feel very good, relaxed, and I am ready to study hard.

Сочинения для 10 класса

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