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About Myself
My name is Ann. My full name is Kalinicheva Anna Sergeevna. I am fifteen. I was born in Moscow. Nowadays i live in Moscow too. My family isn't very big, it consistS of my dad, my mom, my twin-sister, me and my lovely cat. My family is very harmonious.
I've just finished school. Now i go to college and i think i have great people as my course mates. I like my future profession and i'm going to do my best to become the good specialist. In free time i like to go for a walk with my friends, go to the cinema and see good films at home. I am interested in the cinema (кинематографом). My hobby is to make videos, using my computer, after (по мотивам) serials and films. I like to cook and i make it good, because all members of my family cook good. My favourite kind of sport is tennis, but i don't play it. I visit the Kremlin Cup tennis tournament yearly.

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