Товарищи! помогите с сочинением на английском языке - лучшее сочинение

Residence - это не про наши дачи))) Неверно расставляешь слова. Много ошибок, не буду перечислять.
Твое сочинение может выглядеть так:
I had a wonderfull vacation this summer! I visited a "Freedom"recreation area three times. I also had a rest in the country. I had a pleasure to live in our country cottage with a swimming pool, wich was my favourite place! In addition to that I ate all the delicious fruits and berries from our garden. With my friends we had the trips to different lakes. I had been even to the mountains. I tried fishing. There was a lot of fun! In my view this was a great summer!

Если вдруг придется ехать заграницу, без друга-переводчика не обойдешься! ))

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