Срочно нужно написать письмо другу на английском языке про школу. писать в фомате письма - лучшее сочинение

My dear friend!
Sorry for my keeping silent so long, but I have good news for you! I have so many things to tell you.
The first news is that my Family moved to a new city. My father was promoted and now he is big boss. I`m too proud of him. My mum`s too. I like our new city, but we didn`t have chance to see it all… I would tell you about my city in the next letter. I`d better tell you about my new school.
The school is just close to the house I live in. The architecture of the school is just typical, but the atmosphere inside is something unique. The first day I entered the school I felt home. The teachers are ready to help you, they are strict, but friendly and open-hearted. My classmates are amazingly creative. We play different games every break, all of them have too many interests and I enjoy every minutes I spend in school with my new friends. I like physic culture. We play different team games and it is something crazy… I hope I with my classmates will present my school in the next year championship between school next year.
Hope to see you soon. I`m eager to get acquainted you to my new friends.

Сочинения 9 класс

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