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We have four rooms in our house. But my favourite one is our study which is the biggest room. It is full of wonderful things: books, pictures, collections of coins, a video and computer.

There is a very old writing table in the study. My great granddad bought it in the beginning of the century when he was a student. It is very old, solid and comfortable. There is a sofa in the corner of the room and next to it a beautiful old standard lamp, which is on the carpet.

I clean the carpet with the vacuum cleaner very often. There is a piano near the window.

At night when it gets dark I like to turn off the light, turn on the standard lamp and play the piano. When the standard lamp is on, the study looks like a fairy- land. I often sit in the old armchair and dream of pleasant things. I love this room very much. But my brother likes our living-room. He has got a very good stereo system there. He plays his music very loudly in this room. This room is not very comfortable. There is a fireplace in it, but nevertheless it’s a little cold in winter. There is also an armchair, a sofa and some shelves with compact discs and cassettes in them. My brother spends much time in this room.

У нас в доме есть четыре комнаты. Но моя любимая – кабинет, что является наибольшей комнатой. Он полный замечательных вещей: книг, картин, коллекций монет, есть видео и компьютер. В кабинете стоит очень старый письменный стол. Мой прадед купил его в начале столетия, когда был студентом. Он очень старый, солидный и удобный.

В уголке комнаты стоит диван и рядом с ним красивый старый торшер, который стоит на ковре. Я очень часто чищу ковер пылесосом. Фортепиано находится возле окна.

Вечером, когда потемнеет, я выключаю свет, включаю торшер и играю на фортепиано.

Когда включенный торшер, рабочий кабинет выглядит как сказочная страна. Я часто сижу в старом кресле и мечту о приятных вещах. Я очень люблю эту комнату. Но мой брат любит нашу гостиную. У него там очень красивая стереосистема. Он включает музыку в этой комнате очень громко. Эта комната не очень удобная. В ней есть камин, но, несмотря на это, зимой там прохладно. Там есть также кресло, диван и полки с компакт-дисками и кассетами в них. Мой брат проводит много времени в этой комнате.


* study ['stAdi] — рабочий кабинет
* great granddad [,greit 'grsendsed] — торшер
* прадед fairy-like ['fean,laik] — сказочный,
* century ['sent/an] — возраст

и второе)

I have a lot of rooms which I like. My room (all rooms in my apartment), but the favourite one is the living room in our summer house. I like it cause of its atmosphere – all the good memories are associated with this room. It is not very big. If you look at it from the entrance from the kitchen you will see a bog wardrobe and a brown couch right next to it. On the right side there is a big fireplace which is made by my grandfather and next to it there is a door which separates the living room and my bedroom. In front of the couch there is a big mirror (in full length) and next to it there is an armchair. Near the couch and right opposite the window there is a big table where usually my cousin and I play cards or other games. On the right and left sides there are lockers where we keep tea service, books, toys, some old clothes, medicine. I really love this room, because I spent there all my summer holiday and just chatting together with all my relatives. I think it’s great. I remember when we didn’t have electricity because of bad weather and we put loads of candles in our living room – I felt like in 19th century! Family, friends, guests – everything remembers me about the living room in our summer house!

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