Сочинение на тему my neighbours. нам в школе задали по английскому писать сочинение на тему my neighbours. помогите пож - лучшее сочинение

...как варианты...:))
1. " My Neighbours ".
The Browns, Jack and Mary, lived next to our house. When I met them, I liked them just at first sight. It was an elderly couple. Jack was a tall man with blue eyes and graying hair. He had a charming smile and a nice voice. He looked like an American actor and was very handsome. He was pleasant and polite.
His wife Mary, on the contrary, was a small woman, with a round face and dark hair. She created an impression of a kind-hearted personality. Though they looked differently, Mary and her husband were a beautiful couple. They had been married for twenty-five years. Their children were grown-ups already and lived separately from them.
The Browns lived in a lovely house. Mrs. Brown ran the house by herself. She adored working in the garden, she was very proud of it. Mr. Brown enjoyed helping his wife about the house.
John, their elder son, was as handsome as his father. He was popular among girls, but he was a bachelor. John’s sister Sarah resembled her mother. She was married. She and her husband had recently returned from their honeymoon trip. She was expecting a baby and was very happy. Sarah adored her husband because of his great sense of humour. They lived in the house of his parents, who were on good terms with their daughter-in-law.
2. Neighbours
Outstanding personalities: myths and reality.
There are as many types of behavior as people on the planet. Whether we like it or not, this phrase is largely true. I am inclined to believe that everyone is unique, but occasionally there are some individuals, that are considered to be outstanding personalities. Ironically, there are some striking examples of the above stated in my neighbourhood too.
To begin with, the most eye-catching adolescent I’ve ever met is Cecilia, who is the real princess of epatage and whose provocative and erratic behavior is her second nature. Not only is she sharp-tongued, but also rather arrogant. Taking into consideration the fact that she isn’t the timid type, you might predict Cecilia as quite brusque and aloof person. Actually, that’s not completely true. I haven’t mentioned the fact that she has a nimble mind, which obviously has helped her realize that only by pretending to be cordial, blithe and amicable, will she survive. But you do not need a psychologist to see through her, and consider Cecilia as a vile, self-righteous and self-centred person, who will do anything to get what she wants and who lets nothing stand in her way.
Another person, who is, at first sight, similar to Cecilia, is called Will. His behavior is also extremely brash and aggressive, but indisputably it is only pretension. Quick-tempered, fervent and scatty as Will seems to be, in practice, he is self-conscious, meek and tactful, and he deliberately pretends to be tough so as to hide his shyness.
Both Cecilia and Will wear masks in order to hide their real personalities, but never will these masks become parts of their identities, no matter how bright and natural-looking they may be. I am convinced that if they were themselves, they would be much happier, to say nothing about the fact that they would be real genuine personalities

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