Помогите! нужна краткое сочинение на английском языке — my future profession (chemical) - лучшее сочинение

Nowadays our world has become very industrious and lots of modern professiond are on demand.
In my childhoos it was difficult to say whom I wished to become. Though the live has made this choice for me. Once upon a time I realised that I want to be a 's useless to ask me the reason of this choice, just take it for granted.
So, if I'm going to become good at this profession,t han I should think over its profit.
First of all, it's rather interesting for me in comparison with other professions. Secondly, I always liked Chemistry as a school subject.
Then, to my mind, it's really cool to mix up some things in oprder to create the new iones and observe the reactions.
And at last, I hope, that one day I would enter a huge oil plant where I will have a big salary or I will be able to open something useful and become a prominent scientist.

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