Сочинение по английскому «дом моей мечты» - лучшее сочинение

The house of my dream.

The house of my dream will be located on island Madagascar. I will have a huge territory with huge private residence in 5 floors. The garden will be all in colours and apple-trees. There will be in the same place a pool from which there will be a music. Indoors on the ground floor, there is a huge kitchen in the middle of which there is a huge round table with twelve chairs. On one of ground floor walls the picture occupying all wall hangs. On it the big green apple is represented. In the house of my dream of furniture it is not enough. Windows on height on all wall that it was light and spacious. The second floor is occupied with my bedroom and a clothes. In my bedroom four walls, two white and two pink. The big bed on the room middle sprinkled with petals of roses. In my house there will be a big white dog by name of Monika. On the third floor of walls is not present. On the middle there is a dark blue sofa, and on against the TV. At windows white easy curtains.
My house very big and beautiful. It is not enough furniture and a lot of place. I very much love visitors, I ask to come and rejoice.

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