Проверте пожалусто сочинение на английском - лучшее сочинение

As everyone knows pupils can go to job (last) (чёза ласт? «после» это after) after («окончания университета» лучше сказать) graduating from university in Russia but someone go (нахрена тут герундий?) (studying) to study and (working) work abroad (last) after (studying) (обучение=education) education in Russia. Many people (in Russia) think that education and working abroad is very cool (but) it has many pluses.(чё за предложение? «за границей работать/учицца очень круто но это имеет мого плюсов») is very cool and in addition (в добавок к этому) it has many pluses. First of all it is English (language) (лучше «speaking practice»).You can practise English every day. Secondly you can learn culture of another country. Thirdly pupils can see the sights. It is tourism and education (together) (лучше «at a time»). Studying and working abroad has positive points so it has negative points.
The main problem is separation (with) from family. You will miss your relatives. You will miss all Russian things.
I think (studying and working) that to study and work abroad is very helpful and you can (study) (ибо тафтология) practise to speak foreign language but you will miss your relatives.

Сочинения для 8 класса

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