. Переведите и определите залог и время сказуемого. 1.

. Переведите и определите залог и время сказуемого. 1. Не left for Moscow. 2. The news will be of great interest. 3. They were speaking to him. 4. She

studied many subjects. 5. The film was much spoken about. 6. New subjects will be studied next year. 7.1 am working now. 8. The text has been already written by them. 9. He studies at our college. 10. You are working, aren't you? 11. The text is being translated at the moment. 12. Do you work at this office? 13. When I saw him, he was going home. 14. They will have passed their exams by 3 o'clock. 15. This book was written by our teacher. 16. We shall be writing our tests at 10 o'clock. 17. The work will have been done when he comes. 18. We translated this text. 19. The letter had been written before we came. 20. We shall inform you. 21. These toys are made by children. 22. Does he work here? 23. Is he working now? 24. The conference will be held in May. 25. Rostov was named after Dmitry Rostovsky. 26. What are you doing here? 27. This work must be done at once. 28. You may take my book. 29.1 am often asked at the lessons by the teacher.

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