Пожалуста помогите перевести текст на английский, завтра сочинение!!оч нужно! - лучшее сочинение

their summer vacations I spent unforgettable. In early summer, I met all their time conducting with friends. In late June with her best friend went on vacation campsite Primorskuyu in Tuapse. we simply rest superbly all day valyalis on the beach, walked through the city, every night got to shore and heard the noise tides, listened as the gulls cry, saw the pink sunset. when looked at in the night sky, it seemed that you can to reach out and get a star. One day we came under rain,
and only then realized that such promoknut to threads, for five minutes, we were wet through. This leave in Tuapse, I do not ever forget, always remember everything that was there with a sincere smile, sometimes want to cry because it is passed, but I'm smiling, because it was with me

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