Помогите!!!срочно нужно сочинение на английском «как я провела зимние каникулы» - лучшее сочинение

This winter holidays were very cold, but it didn't stop me meeting with my friends. We invited each other, prepared New Year dishes. When sometimes it was a little warm, we went skiing.
A couple days after New Year i visited my grandmother. We made bread, it was very interesting. You have to organize every ingredient and put it in needed order to get it tasty.
Here came Christmas. We wished everybody a merry Christmas, and in the evening went гадать(посмотрите в словарея не знаю), it is so exciting.
Holidays seemed to finish, outside got a little warm. Me and my friends started to prepare for the school. But i don't think that these holidays did not give me nothing. I spent a good time with my best friends. Thank You!

Сочинения 5 класс

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